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Collaborative Teams that Work

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The Definitive Guide to Cycles of Learning

The PLC at Work® model helps teachers around the world produce better outcomes for their students. But when it comes to putting theory into practice, many find themselves unsure of what to do in collaborative team meetings and how it all translates to the classroom.

With Collaborative teams that work, experienced teachers and educational coaches Colin Sloper and Gavin Grift take the confusion out of the collaborative process for school leaders and educators. They draw on their own experiences of working with schools, leading researchers and practitioners to delineate the right work of high-performing collaborative teams and breaking down cycles of learning into twelve clear actions. Whether your school is just starting out on its PLC journey or your team is ready to take student learning to the next level, this essential guide will bring clarity and focus to your team meetings and generate real results for the students you serve.

Featuring a foreword by internationally sought-after educational consultant Anthony Muhammad, this book transforms the very best research into concrete actions that will help your school answer the critical questions of a PLC, and anticipate, address and overcome the challenges that collaborative teams often encounter on their quest to ensure high levels of learning of all.

Carry Colin and Gavin’s decades of experience into your next cycle of learning with Collaborative teams that work.

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