Culture Rules

Culture Rules

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Creating Schools Where Children Want to Learn and Adults Want to Work

School culture is unarguably central to a school’s success or failure. While there is no single “correct” school culture, there are lessons to be learned. Culture Rules examines the factors that create an environment where students want to learn, and adults want to teach.


Culture Rules explores staff culture, student culture, team building, establishing and maintaining norms inside and outside the classroom, and lessons learned from top-performing schools. By sharing her personal journey in school leadership, Jo Facer:

  • explores the different factors that can affect a school’s culture;
  • considers hot topics such as teacher workload, discipline, marking, CPD and shows how these can influence a school’s culture and success; and
  • includes real case studies to show how schools have developed a strong culture and the impact on performance.

Full of practical, sustainable ideas for schools to implement in the short and long term, this is essential reading for all school leaders in primary and secondary schools looking to build a great school culture in their organisations

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