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Keywords : Morten Henriksen / Thomas Lundby

self-management, authenticity


All management starts with self-management – handle fear and become an authentic leader. Often, the problem with management is not theoretical, but practical. Managers know enough about leadership, but a lot of them do not act accordingly. They know what should be done in a given situation but fear the discomfort and uncertainty that comes with it.

The fear keeps many managers from stepping up to their responsibility. Therefore, the fear in leadership is playing a decisive role in the life and effectiveness of organizations. Based on research on the theoretical knowledge and the practical behavior of managers, combined with a long-time experience as consultants, the authors argue for the importance of practical judgment and emotional courage in management. This is essential in acting as an authentic leader, who does not feel paralyzed and trapped in paradoxes. Management books typically address the question of “what is good management,” whereas this book is concerned with how to practice good management by exercising fearless leadership and emotional courage.

It is a practical book that aims at inspiring the reader to act by providing specific tools and methods and will be of value to researchers, academics, practitioners, and students in the fields of leadership, strategic management, organizational studies and behavior, management development, and industrial and organizational psychology.

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