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From Agency to Zest

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FROM AGENCY TO ZEST is a delightfully thought-provoking exploration of ideas central to the field of inquiry-based learning, written by renowned educator and inquiry expert, Kath Murdoch.

Organized alphabetically, this collection offers the reader part explanation of and part reflection on 26 key words (and an abundance of related words) that embody the essence of inquiry. From Agency to Zest is designed to be used as an invitation to reflect—and to provoke professional dialogue amongst educators wishing to deepen their understanding of inquiry as an approach to teaching and learning. In addition to the explanations provided throughout, Murdoch also offers practical advice on how the book can be used to support and deepen professional learning experiences within and across schools.

“Kath Murdoch has done it again. She has shown us that inquiry learning is simultaneously rich, engaging, meaningful, long lasting, and rigorous – all at once. In this delightfully accessible book, Kath literally spells out (From A–Z) the complexity, nuance, and joy of inquiry. This will be a valuable resource for teacher and parents.”
—Ron Ritchhart, Author of The Power of Visible Thinking

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