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From Stressed Out to Stress Wise

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Keywords : Abby Wills, Anjali Deva, Niki Saccareccia

middle/intermediate high school stress mindfulness



Tight deadlines, high expectations, friction with peers, family drama: With all these stressors on middle and high school students and few healthy outlets for releasing them, it’s no wonder they have trouble concentrating on schoolwork. But what if you could teach students long-standing, field-proven ways to successfully navigate stress?

In this practical, step-by-step guide, authors Abby Wills, Anjali Deva, and Niki Saccareccia show you how to do just that by following their stress-wise framework—a model that all secondary-level educators can use to help both themselves and their students build their “stress IQ,” or become better able to accept stress as an aspect of well-being and modulate their reaction to it.

Informed by the science of stress and resilience, the practices of yoga and Ayurveda, and the authors’ own decades of work with students and teachers, this book offers

  • Scripts, strategies, and activities for developing students’ vitality in the face of stress and encouraging them to make choices that serve the class’s collective well-being rather than relying on short-term coping solutions.

  • A flexible, easy-to-implement system of learning cycles and phases to follow over weeks and months for optimal effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive background information on the physiology and psychology of stress.

  • Real-life examples of the stress-wise framework in action.

Learning in school is challenging enough without the exhaustion, anxiety, and distraction of stress added to it. From Stressed Out to Stress Wise includes everything you need to ensure that your students have the necessary skills, resources, and mindset to calmly and confidently thrive in the classroom and beyond.

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