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Illuminate – Technology Enhanced Learning

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In Illuminate, author, educator, and technology trainer Bethany Petty explains how to use technology to improve your students’ learning experiences.

This book is packed full of powerful ideas you can use in your classroom tomorrow!

Broken into 10 easy to digest chapters – take a journey through technology integration and be inspired to use technology in really meaningful ways in your classroom.

You’ll discover . . .

  • Engaging ways to incorporate technology in any classroom
  • Tips for using apps and QR codes to improve communication with parents
  • Strategies to empower students (and you) to reflect on and share learning
  • Practical ideas for increasing collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Bethany shares specific how-tos for using a wide variety of apps and tools. She also explains the why behind using technology, and shows you how to use it to meet your students’ needs and make learning memorable.

After all, it’s not about the technology; it’s how you use it!

It’s time to illuminate learning and use technology to enhance your students’ experience.

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