-and other hard-won leadership lessons.

Have you ever noticed that individuals of brilliance often fall short of their true potential? Great ideas, concepts and initiatives seldom break through the sea of business mediocrity. As a senior international leader with over 30 years corporate experience, Hamish Thomson has discovered that true transformation and breakthrough comes from personal insight — derived not from intellect or technical mastery, but from experience and observation of real-life occurrences.

It’s Not Always Right to Be Right offers unique business and leadership insights, teachable models, and practical advice on what one needs to do differently to achieve desired results. Writing in a casual, autobiographical style, Hamish shares the key experiences and hard-won lessons that enabled him to drive significant change when all the right ways of doing things didn’t work. Packed with fascinating true-to-life stories and powerful, often counterintuitive lessons, this invaluable guide:

  • Distills a lifetime of business wisdom into a single volume
  • Offers honest business and leadership lessons drawn from a long and successful corporate career
  • Features learning messages, practical steps, and shareable strategic models and frameworks to help you make a tangible difference where it counts
  • Provides strategic models that can be used to frame discussions and drive change in individuals, teams, and entire organizations

It’s Not Always Right to Be Right is a must-read for anyone starting out in the business and corporate world, for anyone in the middle of their career looking to break through to the next level, and for senior leaders seeking to improve performance and drive meaningful change.