Internationally respected Australian teacher and educator, Joan Dalton is acknowledged for her expertise in learning, leadership and facilitation, and her long-term work with schools for transformational change.

Fellow of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL), holder of the Inaugural Tasmania Award for distinguished services to teaching, and former Director of Professional Learning Services for a non-profit organization in the USA, Joan’s consultancy expertise has been sought by schools and educational organizations across more than ten different countries.

Recognized in 2012 by Microsoft as a global hero in education, Joan currently designs and co-facilitates their Australian Innovative Schools Forums, Asia-Pacific Forums, and Worldwide Innovation in Education Forums.

Since her first well-known book, Adventures in Thinking, Joan has authored several internationally successful publications on learning and teaching, thinking and cooperative learning. Joan’s practical new series of books on Learning Talk demonstrate how to engage skillfully in powerful professional conversations that improve and transform learning for all.