Julia Atkin is an education and learning consultant with over 30 years experience in the educational sector. Her work in education has spanned educational research, curriculum design, consultancy and teaching at all levels of the education system internationally.

She has also held positions of Science & Maths Coordination, General Coordination in a small country high school and six months as acting Principal. The focus of Julia’s work has been researching how people learn. Through both formal research and action research in educational settings Julia has developed a set of principles of effective learning. These principles, which define the architecture of learning, have been translated into a set of design tools for developing educational programs and services based on how people learn most effectively. Julia is currently working in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the USA with businesses, industry, universities and schools to design and develop quality educational programs and services based on these principles of effective learning.

Julia has a vital interest in developing, and in helping others learn how to develop, educational services and delivery systems which:

  • nurture the human spirit of individuals and the organisation
  • ensure effective learning for all
  • are customised (specifically designed to meet local needs)
  • are flexible
  • are learner driven
  • integrate the best of learning technology with information and communication technology
  • include components which help the learner learn to think and learn to
  • are collaborative, allowing individuals and groups to learn interactively
  • result in meaningful learning which is transferable from one context to another.

Julia’s work is characterised by an innovative approach which bridges the gap between theory and practice. She has received a number of prestigious awards in Australia and overseas in recognition of her work.