Maggie Bolton is a Senior Faculty member of the William Glasser Institute USA, William Glasser Institute Australia and the William Glasser Institute New Zealand.

Maggie is an accomplished trainer highly acclaimed for her informative, motivating, energising and inspiring presentations at conferences, seminars and workshops both within Australia and internationally.

A school educator for more than 40 years, Maggie has studied extensively and implemented personally and professionally the work of Dr. William Glasser since 1989.

She completed certification in Reality Therapy in 1991 and became a certified instructor for the William Glasser Institute in 1994, attaining Advanced Instructor and Senior Faculty status in the William Glasser Institute in 1997.

Since that time she has constantly taught all levels of Glasser training including Faculty Programs in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and Ireland, educating counsellors, social workers, clergy, educators, administrators, business people, health workers, corrections officers and parents, in the applications of Dr. William Glasser’s work.

Maggie rigorously practices Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, and Lead Management in her own life and is a practiced professional in personal responsibility and accountability. She believes everyone is capable of living their dreams and creating the life they want.