Dr Michelle Dickinson (MNZM) is a passionate researcher and teacher with a love of science and engineering.
Michelle has made it her life mission to make science and engineering fun and accessible for all through many different media platforms including:

Authoring bestselling books The Kitchen Science Cookbook and No 8 Recharged.

Hosting and co-creating TV shows Nanogirl and the imaginauts and The Kitchen Science Cookbook.

Creating and hosting top charting podcasts Nanogirl’s Great Science Adventures and Stupid Questions For Scientists.

With a PhD in Biomedical and Materials Engineering Michelle has combined her interests to give her a unique insight into how nature and technology can learn from each other for scientific developments.

As co-founder of Nanogirl Labs Ltd and an honorary academic in Engineering at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Michelle has always followed her dreams and never let traditional stereotypes scare her.

Awarded Member of New Zealand Order of Merit Michelle was winner of the Women of Influence award for science and innovation, awarded the Sir Peter Blake Leadership award and was winner of the Prime Ministers Science Media Communication Prize and the New Zealand Association of Scientists Science Communicators Award.

Michelle thinks that science should be open, transparent and a topic of conversation over the dinner table, not just the lab bench.  Her vision is to create positive role models in the world that our children can aspire to be like and ensuring that everyone has access to learning about science and how things work, no-matter what your age or education level.

With this belief she is passionate about creating new ways for the public to interact with science including her television appearances, live Theatre Science Shows, and science communication videos.

Michelle loves a challenge, whether it’s her favourite sports of kitesurfing, martial arts and mountain biking, or working towards finding a new scientific or engineering solution.