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Middle Leadership in Schools

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Keywords: Elizabeth Benson, Patrick Duignan, Barbara Watterson

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Ideas and Strategies for Navigating the Muddy Waters of Leading from the Middle

Despite the growing importance of and policy attention paid to middle leaders in schools across the world, there is a lack of research and practical resources available for supporting the professional development of middle leaders. Based on research and consultations with influential school middle leaders, Middle Leadership in Schools presents ideas and actions designed specifically to stimulate and enhance educators leading from the middle, as a catalyst to enable them to do what they do with greater influence and impact.

Each chapter focuses on a challenge of leading from the middle, drawing from successful practice and case studies whilst providing contemporary research and practical strategies to guide middle leaders to success.

Offering a unique combination of academic rigour and practical advice, Middle Leadership in Schools is essential reading for teachers, current and aspiring middle leaders, school leaders, and postgraduate students studying educational leadership.

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