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Mindful School Communities

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Keywords: Yvette Jackson, Dr Michele Rivers Murphy,Dr Christine Mason

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Schools that are compassionate, caring and community centred create healthier, more successful students. As such, in Mindful School Communities: The Five Cs of Nurturing Heart Centered Learning, authors Christine Mason, Michele M. Rivers Murphy and Yvette Jackson offer an in-depth guide to the five Cs – (1) consciousness, (2) compassion, (3) confidence, (4) courage and (5) community – built on a wealth of research, including an original, tested tool that assesses a school’s efforts toward compassionate action.

With this book, F–12 teachers and school leaders will:

  • benefit from exercises that infuse social-emotional learning into the academic curriculum across subjects and grade levels
  • discover historical examples of consciousness, compassion, confidence, courage and community, with ideas for incorporating them into classwork
  • become familiar with different ways educators have implemented Heart Centered Learning in their schools and classrooms
  • work with numerous exercises, activities, strategies and mindsets that mix vulnerability and strength to ameliorate trauma
  • learn ways to assess the five Cs factors, including the research-based S-CCATE, to provide evidence for what might seem unquantifiable.
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