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Real in all ways that matter

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mantle of the expert, drama, inquiry


Weaving learning across the curriculum with Mantle of the Expert

Mantle of the Expert is a form of inquiry learning  developed by Dorothy Heathcote that includes drama for learning—so it’s active, embodied, imaginative, and aesthetic. It’s agentic in that it positions learners as responsible, competent co-constructors of meaning and allows them powers to influence, make decisions, and grapple with complex problems. It situates learning within authentic imagined worlds in ways that are safe and have real-world implications and meaning. It provides opportunities to develop all the key competencies and learning dispositions while facilitating deep learning across a range of curriculum areas. It fosters learning in ways that are appropriate to the cultural context of Aotearoa New Zealand, involving reciprocal teaching and learning, collaborative learning, building each other up, and the consideration of multiple perspectives and ways of knowing. It’s engaging and seriously fun!

The key audience for this book is teachers (primary, intermediate and secondary) with an interest in curriculum integration and inquiry-based approaches to learning.

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