In the 80’s Robyn was a burnt out real estate agent and poor time manager. 18 years ago, having conquered her own time challenges, people started asking her for help. Today this mother of 6 and grandmother of 16 works with clients around the globe helping them solve their time problems. She’s one of less than 800 speakers worldwide to hold the highest professional speaking accreditation-Certified Speaking professional. She’s also a Past President of the Global Speakers Federation-the body representing professional speaking associations worldwide (the only kiwi to hold the position so far).

Prolific Best-Selling Author: ‘Getting a Grip on Time’; ‘Getting a Grip on Life – Goals Toolkit’; ‘Getting a Grip on the Paper War – Managing information in the modern office’; ‘Getting a Grip on Leadership – how to learn leadership without making all the mistakes yourself’, with LaVonn Steiner, US leadership specialist; ‘About Time – 120 Tips for Those with No Time’; ‘About Time for Teaching – 120 time-saving tips for teachers and those who support them!’, and more in the pipeline

Expertise: Clients today demand practical content their people can immediately apply. Robyn fits this brief perfectly. Audiences constantly say, ‘That was the most practical session on the agenda – I could have listened to you for hours. What’s more, I’ve immediately put some things into practice and they really work!’ She builds rapport with audiences very quickly and specialises in interaction – within minutes they feel as though she really understands their problems. Her relaxed down-to-earth and interactive style makes her the perfect solution for an afternoon convention slot or an interactive workshop session.