Rooted in Joy

Rooted in Joy

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In Rooted in Joy: Creating a Classroom Culture of Equity, Belonging, and Care, educational justice advocate and educator Deonna Smith delivers a unique blend of theory, academic frameworks, narrative, and digestible advice on impacting deeply rooted school culture challenges and managing the day-to-day classroom. This research-based book brings a friendly and accessible voice to a complex issue, making the subject matter easy to follow and apply in the real world.

In the book, you’ll build your toolbox for cultivating a inclusive and joyful classroom culture throughhumanizing your students and acknowledging the role that culture and race play in the educational system.You’ll also:

  • Find valuable, downloadable resources that complement and highlight the topics discussed in the book
  • Discover resources suited to first-year teachers, as well as educators with decades of experience in the classroom
  • Discover ways to improve learning outcomes for all students

An essential and practical resource for teachers, administrators, principals, and other education leaders, Rooted in Joy will also benefit education policymakers, regulators, and other public officials seeking advice on how to shape the next generation of school policy.

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