Steve understands the challenges and demands of working in schools.

Steve led a number of schools from a one teacher school through to a large metropolitan school and an international school in Hong Kong. Steve works with over 100 school groups each year and is passionate about work – life satisfaction, keeping things simple and supporting those who work in schools to reach their potential.

Steve has written four books,”First Semester CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOU!”, “A Gr8 Life…Live it Now!”, “Time Management For Teachers” and his latest book co-authored with Bruce Sullivan, “Attitude is Everything”.

Steve is also the creator of the Happy School program designed to boost staff morale and reduce teacher stress and the Gr8 People range of educational resources.

Over 500 schools in all Australian states subscribe to receive Steve’s weekly articles. Steve’s Happy School Program Articles

Possible topics for conference keynotes or workshops:

Thriving in Times of Change

The one constant in schools today is change! Ultimately our response to change and how successfully we implement it are dependent on our attitude. In this session Steve Francis helps staff to develop a positive, optimistic and energetic attitude. We identify the three biggest obstacles to successful change and the specific strategies needed to overcome these challenges.

Increasing WORK-LIFE Satisfaction in Schools

Working in schools can be challenging. A happy staff achieves better results. It is vital that staff in schools get satisfaction from the important work we do. Reducing teacher stress and burnout are vital! This IS your REAL life – it isn’t a dress rehearsal.

7 Strategies for Motivating and Engaging Students

Many students have short attention spans, are disinterested and disengaged from learning. Teaching is more demanding than ever before! Traditional carrot and stick approaches have limited effect. Motivating and engaging students can be challenging. In this session Steve Francis reminds teachers of the 7 strategies they must implement to motivate and engage their students.

Schools Are People Places – Building Trust is Essential

Trust is at the heart of all relationships. Trust impacts on the quality of every relationship, every communication and every situation we face in schools. Building Trust is vital! Covey’s 13 behaviours that build trust are simple, straight forward and immediately transferable to schools. Having good intentions is not enough. It is behaviour that counts!

Effective Teamwork in Schools

There are 10 vital attributes that are necessary in all teams within schools. Teamwork is essential and must be aligned with the school’s direction and priorities. The better that people work together and are aligned, the better outcomes the school will achieve. Which of the attributes do your teams do well and which ones need to be improved? Establish clear and agreed priorities, in simple language.

Feedback – Helping Teachers Be the Best They Can Be

What teachers do in the classroom is where the ‘rubber meets the road’. 99% of teachers want to do a great job but receive very little feedback. Feedback to teachers is a key strategy for improved performance in schools. However giving teacher’s feedback is not part of the culture in most schools.