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Substitute Teaching ?

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Everything You Need to Get the Students on Your Side and Teach Them Too! Ready-to-use Tools, Tips, and Lesson Ideas for Every Grade From K-8

This easy-to-read, humorous survival guide for substitute teachers presents strategies that can help you get students on your side and make classroom management easier for the whole day and beyond.

Experienced and new teachers will discover quick, relationship-building activities that make the difference between a day of spit balls and a day for which students give you homemade bracelets. This time-saving handy resource includes

  • tips for teaching and descriptions of students at each year level
  • full day plans with thematic lessons and reproducible pages for all year levels
  • lesson plans for subject areas such as French, music, PE, the arts and drama
  • guidelines for dealing with classroom routines such as attendance, recess and dismissing students.

Ideal for a teacher getting started, an experienced teacher filling in or a full-time classroom teacher looking for new ways to connect with students, this timely book offers what you need to survive and succeed.

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