The Artificial Intelligence Playbook

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The Artificial Intelligence Playbook

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Busy educators need tools that support their planning and provide them with more time with students. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a promising solution, it can only help if we’re willing to learn how to use it in ways that improve upon what we already do well. The Artificial Intelligence Playbook: Time Saving Tools that Make Learning More Engaging is here to empower teachers to explore AI’s potential and discover practical ways to implement it to enhance their planning and instruction. Two chapters and 6 “Educator Functions” guide teachers step-by-step through how to purposely use AI to:

  • Compose Writing Prompts and Avoid Plagiarism
  • Manage Content
  • Foster Student Engagement
  • Meet Students’ Instructional Needs
  • Assess Student Learning
  • Continue Lifelong Learning

Though AI has the potential to reduce workload for educators, it will never replace teachers. Your connection with students is irreplaceable-and greatly impacts their learning. Consider AI a valuable tool that provides you with more time to build and sustain those vital relationships with students and that can assist them in learning at the very same time.

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