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The Courageous Classroom

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Creating a Culture of Safety for Students to Learn

Help students and educators cope with fear in the classroom with this up-to-date new resource

In The Courageous Classroom: Creating a Culture of Safety for Students to Learn and Thrive, community psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor and nationally acclaimed educator, Jed Dearybury deliver a concise and insightful take on the culture of fear in schools around the country. You’ll learn about the various ways fear is present in students and educators, practical tools and strategies for educators to cope with fear and anxiety in the classroom, the reality of racism, homophobia and microaggressions and their impact on learning, and how to create a landscape of calm in your classroom.

This important book will show you:

  • The difference between fear and anxiety and how to respond to both
  • How to create social-emotional learning environments where students feel mentally and physically safe
  • Why, despite schools being safer than ever, students and educators fear for their personal safety
  • How to manage educator stress, fear, and anxiety in a time of increasing coverage of school shootings

Perfect for K-12 public school educators, Courageous Classrooms will also earn a place in the libraries of educators in training and parents with school-age children who wish to better help children cope with fear.

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