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The Minimalist Teacher

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Tamera Musiowsky-Borneman and C. Y. Arnold have developed a way to bring a minimalist mindset to the classroom and shed the burden of too many initiatives, strategies, and “things” in general. Their Triple P process helps teachers declutter in three steps: identify something’s purposeprioritize what is important, and pare down to essentials.

Because the Triple P process emphasizes structured and candid self-reflection to determine what is essential, meaningful, and useful—and then discard what is extraneous—The Minimalist Teacher can be adapted to the physical classroom environment, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and more. Each chapter provides sample reflection questions and brainstorming activities to help teachers

  • Reduce mental and physical waste.

  • Manage burnout and stress.

  • Advocate for minimalism in the school.

  • Prioritize resources that best support student learning.

Teachers face countless decisions every day, few of which are easy, but they don’t have to be overwhelming. No matter the classroom, you can take control of your daily decisions in a way that reduces educator stress and builds a better learning environment for students.

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