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The Ten- Minute Principal

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Free Up Your Time to Focus on Leadership

The purpose of The Ten-Minute Principal is to provide support and help principals and assistant principals develop a student-centered approach to learning. My book will show the magic of how 10-minute chunks of time can help an administrator plan, reflect, and take intentional action on many of the critical parts of being an effective leader.

In this book, I’ll provide aspiring and current principals with a series of 10-minute opportunities to improve the quality of their work with staff and students. The first chapter will review elements of school leadership including research, and an explanation of the 10-minute framework. In addition, I will discuss the importance of setting priorities allowing administrators to choose focal points their school needs most. Throughout the book, I will reference and intertwine core leadership elements with ideas presented in The 10-Minute Principal.

The principal’s position is critical for school effectiveness. Great schools have great principals who in turn hire and maintain excellent teachers. But today, in America turnover is high for the principal’s position. Many who are hired for the position do not have experience, but all who are hired are expected to perform at high levels, often without a formal mentor program. I have mentored dozens of principals, written The Principal’s Leadership Sourcebook published by Scholastic, (2007) and most importantly, I am a principal with over eighteen years of experience. I know how to find success, and I understand why many fail. My eighteen years of experience along with current research on school leadership will serve as the bedrock for The 10-Minute Principal. Busy educators need easy-to-access ideas, strategies, and stories to help find success for themselves, their staff, and students.

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