Tricky Behaviours

Tricky Behaviours

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Managing challenging and confronting children while staying sane!

Kids with Tricky Behaviours don’t need to be ‘fixed’ because they aren’t broken. They do, however, need to be shown ways to play to their own strengths and to learn a range of ways to interact with the world. They need to be shown how to flourish and thrive, and parents are the best people to do this. While Tricky Behaviour can often be challenging and confronting for parents, the good news is that these children frequently grow up to be the movers and shakers of the world. Believe it or not they are more often than not the ones full of potential. Passive resistance, competitive, manipulative, aggressive, moody or argumentative traits can often disguise anxieties and stresses that children cannot articulate. The secret to transforming tricky behaviour is to discover the root causes of undesirable behaviour and show children how to use their abilities for good, rather than evil!

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