Warwick Pudney has 12 years experience as a teacher of children from 6-16yrs, and 20 years working in the counseling therapy field with couple men and adolescents largely around relationship, anger or behaviour issues. For the last 10 years he has traveled the length of NZ working with educators, caregivers, social services and community professionals in individual, workshop, seminar, and conference settings. He is currently the National Director of the NZ Violence Prevention Society- a body registering professionals working in this area, and providing advice on violence prevention.

He was the founding C.E.O. of Man Alive, a Men’s Counselling and Well-being Centre and N.Z.’s first social service for males which is now pioneering new ways of assisting men, youth and boys to alter behaviour and lifestyles. He is a senior lecturer in Violence and Trauma Studies at Auckland University of Technology. He is a free-lance educator and trainer and writes practical self-help books. His work has an emphasis on children’s anger and behaviour, boys in the education system, parenting, violence prevention, emotional literacy and child-adult relationships, fathering, conflict resolution, professional supervision and mentoring, problem-solving in organisations and groups. He has a Masters degree in Social Ecology and is a trained teacher and counsellor. His recognition and awards include:

1992 Winston Churchill Fellow
2000 A U.N.E.S.C.O. Peace-builders Award.
2004 Queen’s Service Medal


A Volcano In My Tummy – A teachers and parent’s guide to working with Children’s Anger [co-written E. Whitehouse], Peace Foundation, Auckland,
1993 Beginning Fatherhood A self-help book for new fathers Tandem press, Auckland,
1998 Adolescent Volcanoes – parents and teachers guide to Adolescent Anger, [co-written E. Whitehouse], Peace Foundation, Auckland, 2000 Little Volcanoes – Helping with Children’s Anger in Early Childhood. [co-written E. Whitehouse], Peace Foundation, Auckland, 2003. Volcano in My Tummy –Professional Helpers Manual. Peace Foundation, Auckland ,
2004. Various papers and articles in journals and magazines over the last 12 years.


B.A. [Humanities] M.App.Sc. [Social Ecology] Dip. Tchg. Dip. Soc. Sc. [Sociology]

Workshops can be altered to demand and include:

A Volcano in my tummy Adolescent Volcanoes Little volcanoes Boys in Schools Boys in Early education Conflict Resolution Blended Families Raising Boys Father-Friendly Schools Parenting Adolescents Setting up Anger Management Learning Setting up a Mentoring programme