Your Teacher Leadership Journey

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Your Teacher Leadership Journey

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A Blueprint for Growth & Success

Build your success as a teacher leader with the practical advice in this book. Award-winning educator Melissa Collins shows how you can grow in your role by fostering relationships with colleagues, organizations, and mentors. She also spotlights rock star educators. She offers thorough advice on a wide variety of topics such as finding the right support, building your reputation, reinventing yourself, knowing your purpose, and developing leadership mindsets. She also explains how to manage your time wisely, build a network, enact purposeful practice, and, most of all, dare to dream. Appropriate for teachers at any level of their career who want to take on a larger role in their school or beyond, the book’s honest anecdotes and step-by-step suggestions will put you on the right path, so teacher leaders can develop in their careers and help their students thrive.

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