Pete Hall

For 12 years, Pete Hall served as a principal in three schools. Each of the three (Anderson Elementary School in Reno, Nevada; Sheridan Elementary School in Spokane, Washington; and Shaw Middle School in Spokane, Washington) earned awards for their improvement, growth, and achievement levels under Hall’s leadership.

Now, as a Professional Development Agent, Pete has focused his life’s work on building the capacity of educators worldwide…so they can have the tremendous positive impact on their students they are meant to have. Through workshops, keynote addresses, mentoring, and other avenues, Pete has connected with thousands of educators in over 40 states and around the globe. He is affiliated with a half-dozen speaking agencies and is co-owner (with his wife, Mindy) and Executive Director of Education Hall, LLC.

Pete lives according to a simple mantra, “Always strive to be a better you.” Taking this philosophy into his coaching, leadership, and personal interactions, he exudes optimism, energy, and all-out effort towards clear and viable goals. Described as relentless, enthusiastic, and incorruptible, Pete is driven by continuous growth, ongoing learning, and supporting the achievement of others.

Pete’s written works include over a dozen articles on leadership and 7 books: Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice (ASCD, 2017), Fostering Resilient Learners (ASCD, 2016), The Principal Influence (ASCD, 2016), Teach, Reflect, Learn (ASCD, 2015), Lead On! Motivational Lessons for School Leaders (Eye On Education, 2011), Building Teachers’ Capacity for Success (ASCD, 2008), and The First-Year Principal (Scarecrow Education, 2004).

In addition to his education work, Pete and his wife recently launched Strive Success Solutions, a consulting firm dedicated to helping people and organizations accomplish their goals. With a client list that includes school leaders, teachers, professional athletes, weekend golfers, stand-up comedians, firefighters, business executives, custodians, and more, Pete believes success is within everyone’s reach.