Tracey Ezard

Tracey is a keynote speaker, author and educator, who is dedicated to inspiring people to collaborate and thrive in the workplace. She is the author of two books, The Buzz –Creating a Thriving and Collaborative Staff Learning Culture and Glue – The Stuff that Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Work.
Tracey speaks on collaboration, leadership and high performance cultures. Tracey works with leaders and teams who want to elevate above convention and create extraordinary outcomes. She works with people who understand that the world requires a new type of leadership – one that is focussed on collaboration, learning and relationships. She believes that our best selves are helped to shine when our work environment is full of connection, compassion and purposeful conversations.

Ferocious Warmth – Leading with Heads and Hearts

Keynote: Balanced Leadership and the Paradox of Yet
This session will explore the concept of Ferocious Warmth leadership and the challenge of staying in balance when leading. Great leadership balances results and relationships, culture and strategy, head and heart. It dances with the paradox of being explicit, yet empowering; co-creating, yet visionary; compassionate, yet challenging the status quo.

Ferocious Warmth gives a conceptual framework to assist leaders increase self awareness of their impact. It helps leaders understand both what brings out their best and where their challenges lie in the continual dance of leadership.

Masterclass: The Four Elements of Ferocious Warmth Leadership
Leadership is a way of being before doing. This session will explore the four elements that are present in both individuals and leadership teams who create environments of high challenge, high support, innovation and transformation.

Expansive, Connected, Courageous and Authentic.