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Behaviour Management 2nd Ed

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Bill Rogers


A Whole School Approach

In this revised and updated edition of Bill Rogers’ bestselling book, the author draws on his extensive experience as an educational consultant and trainer to help teachers and managers develop a whole-school strategy for dealing with student behaviour.
In his distinctive accessible and entertaining style, he offers practical suggestions to support teachers as they face the pressures of accountability, assessment and rising concerns about student behaviour.

Topics covered include:

* positive discipline and the importance of consistency;
* particular skills in the language of discipline – verbal and non-verbal;
* techniques for managing bullying, aggression, rudeness and violence;
* methods to use with behaviourally disordered students;
* the 4Rs – rights, rules, responsibilities and routines;
* behavioural consequences including ‘time-out’;
* behaviour agreements – ‘contracts’;
* playground management;
* how to set up a behaviour management plan and express it in a policy.

Bill Rogers inspires confidence in a school’s capacity to work as a cohesive, co-operative unit, linked with parents and the community, to manage behaviour successfully.

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