After gaining his elementary and secondary teaching credentials from the Bay Area Writing Project and teaching in the Oakland and Berkeley public schools, David received his doctorate from UC Berkeley with continuing studies as an Exchange Scholar for two years at the Harvard School of Education. 

He is an international leader in the field of thinking skills development, critical reflection, and 21st century learning.  His groundbreaking book in the field of education–”Visual Tools for Constructing Knowledge” (ASCD, 1996)–focused on the comprehensive, researched based practices of how teachers facilitate creativity, analytical thinking, conceptual understanding, and “systems thinking” using visual tools. 

David has always attempted to integrate the fields of cognitive-neuroscience, high quality collaborative teaching and learning models, and assessment into the fabric of everyday classroom teaching. 
ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) honored his work by distributing his visual tools book to over 120,000 educators worldwide.  

Recent published writings by David include insights into assessment, knowledge cartography (knowledge creation and transfer), visual representations of data and the direct facilitation of dispositions of thinking, or Habits of Mind (Costa and Kallick).