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Great Teaching by Design

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From Intention to Implementation in the Visible Learning Classroom

Why leave student success up to chance? By combining your intuition and experience with the latest research on high-impact learning practices, you can evolve your teaching from good to great and make a lasting difference for your students.

Organized around the DIIE framework, Great Teaching by Design takes you step-by-step from intention to implementation to accelerate the impact your teaching has on student learning.

Inside, you’ll find

  • A deep dive into the four stages of the DIIE model: Diagnosis and Discovery, Intervention, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • A fresh look at the Visible Learning research, which identifies the most powerful strategies for teaching and learning
  • Stories of best practices in action and examples from classrooms around the world

Great teaching may come by chance, but it will come by design. Whether you’re new to teaching or looking to give your instruction a boost, take up the challenge and discover a new framework for teaching with true intentionality.


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