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Imperfect Leadership

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In Imperfect Leadership Steve Munby eloquently reflects upon and describes a leadership approach that is strong on self-awareness and positive about the importance of asking for help.
When asked to describe his own leadership style, Steve Munby – former chief executive of the National College for School Leadership – uses the word ‘imperfect’. This is not something he is ashamed of; he feels imperfect leadership should be celebrated. Too often we are given examples of leaders who are put on some kind of pedestal, lauded as superhero leaders who have it all worked out and are so good at what they do that nobody else can come close.
This book is the antidote to that flawed perception.
Imperfect Leadership is an honest reflection upon leadership. It is about Steve’s journey, covering his highs and lows and, ultimately, how he learned to refine and improve his leadership. It is about messy, trial-and-error, butterflies-in-the-stomach leadership and about thoughtful and invitational leadership – and the positive impact it can have. Here, his story and insights are wrapped around edited highlights of the 12 keynote speeches that sit at the heart of the book, all made between 2005 and 2017 to a large audience of school leaders.

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