Learning in the Fast Lane:8 Ways To Put ALL Students On The Road To Academic Success

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Too often, students who fail a grade or a course receive remediation that ends up widening rather than closing achievement gaps. According to veteran classroom teacher and educational consultant Suzy Pepper Rollins, the true answer to supporting struggling students lies in acceleration. In Learning in the Fast Lane, she lays out a plan of action that teachers can use to immediately move underperforming students in the right direction and differentiate instruction for all learners–even those who excel academically. This essential guide identifies eight high-impact, research-based instructional approaches that will help you

  • Make standards and learning goals explicit to students.
  • Increase students’ vocabulary–a key to their academic success.
  • Build students’ motivation and self-efficacy so that they become active, optimistic participants in class.
  • Provide rich, timely feedback that enables students to improve when it counts.
  • Address skill and knowledge gaps within the context of new learning.

Students deserve no less than the most effective strategies available. These hands-on, ready-to-implement practices will enable you to provide all students with compelling, rigorous, and engaging learning experiences.

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