Measuring Human Return – Understand and Assess What Really Matters for Deeper Learning

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Key words: deep learning authentic capabilities engagement
Joanne McEachen / Matthew Kane


Getting at the heart of what matters for students is key to deeper learning that connects with their lives, but what good is knowing what matters without also understanding how to bring it to life? What does it really take to know who students are, what they are truly learning, and why?

Measuring Human Return solves this dilemma with a comprehensive, systematic process for measuring deeper learning outcomes. Educators will learn to assess students’ self-understanding, knowledge, competencies, and connections through vignettes, case studies, learning experiences and tools.

The book helps readers:

*Develop key system capabilities to build the foundation for sustainable engagement, measurement, and change
*Discover five comprehensive “frames” for measuring deeper learning
*Engage in the process of collaborative inquiry
*Commit to the central, active role of learners by engaging them as partners in every aspect of their learning


Discover how to take an authentic, formative, and inquiry-driven approach to measuring the outcomes that drive deeper learning.
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