Principal in Balance : Leading at Work and Living a Life

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Principal in Balance : Leading at Work and Living a Life

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A must-have guide to succeeding at school leadership without sacrificing personal balance

Reports of burnout, stress, and compassion fatigue are on the rise. These issues push many out of the profession, leading to high turnover and sub-optimal student outcomes. How can school leaders combat these problems? Leaders can manager their own wellness and priorities. Healthy leaders who learn balance can create motivation, confidence, quality collaboration, and enthusiasm among staff and other stakeholders. Principal in Balance offers principals strategies and tools to take more ownership of their lives at work and home, so everyone in the K–12 educational community can thrive.

Nationally Distinguished Principal and four-time author Jessica Cabeen shows you how to navigate leading at work and having a fulfilling life. Throughout the book, you gain actionable points to help you set achievable goals, find time in the day to accomplish them, and have time to enjoy rest at home. You’ll learn to better meet the needs of your administration, staff, parents, and students using intentional and creative actions without sacrificing yourself.

  • Learn to balance work and life to create higher productivity
  • Gain proven tips for successful goal setting, staff retention, and student learning
  • Discover lead-to-win strategies that can help you improve your leadership in all areas
  • Make intentional space in your daily life for self-care and permission to rest

Principal in Balance offers a practical, timely approach by a school leader for school leaders to cultivate work/life balance. This book is an essential companion for K–12 school leaders and administrators, aspiring school leaders, and teacher trainers.

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